Who we are
XantheConnecter, Achiever, Organiser.

Xanthe practised as a first-rate corporate lawyer before jumping head-first into the startup world.

HugoThinker, Strategist, Risk-taker.

Hugo has worked for a number of large financial corporates like Aviva before deciding to become a tech entrepreneur.

PatrickMathematician, Analyst, Writer.

Patrick has jumped between business and academia - IBM and Oxford - before becoming a co-founder.

WilliamDesigner, Engineer, Performer.

William has worked as a full stack developer for a number of start ups before developing the tech for pilcro.

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Strong foundations

Pilcro is founded by four siblings and built on a foundation of family trust.

Strong brand identity and brand consistency are vital for the growth and credibility of mission-lead companies. Pilcro offers these forward-thinking companies a chance to make brand consistency part of the daily habit of their employees.

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