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Large Corporate or Fast-Moving Startup? Pilcro Can Help You With Your Brand Management

Pilcro offers free brand management software for companies large and small. As long as you’re a Google Suite user, then Pilcro is right for you.

But Pilcro isn’t just a one-size-fits-all outfit. The benefits of Pilcro are felt in different ways depending on the size of your company. 

Small Companies

Let’s have a look at a few ways in which Pilcro can help small companies.

Case 1: Brand Consistency

For startups and small companies, your brand assets evolve rapidly. In the interests of time and financial constraints, startups can often fail to maintain a consistent brand image across marketing channels. This can often lead to brand inconsistencies and brand debt

Pilcro can act as an anchor point for your brand. It can help to maintain your brand consistency. Pilcro keeps your whole team singing from the same hymn sheet. 

Hymn 1: Logos and imagery,

Hymn 2: Links,

Hymn 3: Colours (in Hex, RGB, HSL, CMYK, Pantone),

Hymn 4: Fonts,

Hymn 5: Copy and snippets.

Case 2: Press/Media Kits

Pilcro also acts as a great way to pull together and maintain a press or media kit for your startup. When all those journalists coming calling to get the latest news about your business for their next big article, you can simply share your Pilcro Artboard with them, the one which contains all the right stuff to showcase your business in the most informative and brand-consistent way.

In short, at small companies, Pilcro gives everyone in the team, and also certain external people, instant access to all your key brand assets, at the click of a button. This saves time and increases productivity. 

But what about for larger companies?

Large Companies

For larger companies, Pilcro offers a multitude of benefits to your brand and marketing workflows. Let’s have a look at a few use cases.

Case 1: Manage Brand Consistency Across a Global Team

Your team is spread out across the globe but you’re having to act like your all in one room. You’re in five continents but need to convey one message. 

Pilcro is a single source of truth for how your marketing material and branded content should look and feel. Wherever your team may be around the world, you can all interact with your brand identity through your Pilcro Artboards.


Global companies. Photo by João Silas on Unsplash

Case 2: Manage Sub-Brands

In big companies, there are often sub-brands “underneath” the company’s main brand. With sub-brands, it is important to know the scope of which assets can be used alongside the main company brand.

In Pilcro, you can make as many brand Artboards as you like. This means each sub-brand can have its own Pilcro Artboard. What’s more, you can use Pilcro “tips” to highlight the connection to the main brand Artboard.

Case 3: Manage Permissions

To ensure brand consistency in a large company, it is important that not everyone can edit the brand assets. Brand guardians, or brand champions, should be the only ones who are able to edit and update the brand identity.

With Pilcro, you can assign write or read access to Pilcro Artboards. This means that brand champions can set up their brand Artboards and then grant read-only access to their colleagues. In this way, everyone can consume the brand and use it to make marketing material, but only those who manage the brand can change an Artboard.

Case 4: Share Your Brand with Freelancers and Onboard New Colleagues

You have hired someone external to help out with your brand or your marketing… but they need your brand assets to get started. They need your brand palette so that they can paint the best brand-picture that they can.

With Pilcro, you can instantly share your brand Artboards with anyone, using the amazing Google sharing functionality. And, as we have already mentioned, you can give them read-only access, so that they can’t alter your Pilcro Artboards from the outside!


Freelancing. Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

So, whatever the size of your company, Pilcro can improve your marketing and brand workflows. Why not sign in and create your first free Pilcro Artboard today?!

Want to find out more about Pilcro's free brand management software? Click here.

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