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Perfecting Your Brand Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

In smaller companies, it can be overwhelming when you are trying to work out how to perfect your brand image. You look at the super-brands of the world who spend millions on re-brands and marketing campaigns with awe and terror. You know that you can never afford such expenses.

But perfecting your brand doesn’t have to be expensive.

Small companies can take a few simple steps to make huge leaps forward with their brand without spending any money at all. With these steps you can start to turn your brand image around and make it really start to work for you.

So here it is. The simple recipe to get your brand to really stand out:

Work out your mission

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First thing’s first. You have to work out your mission. And with a mission you can craft a mission statement. So sit down with your colleagues and work out your mission. This can take days, but no one can do this for you. It has to come from within. Be warned — it’s difficult but very rewarding! 

Try to discuss why you get out of bed in the morning— What drives you and your company? 

Take Google for example. Their mission statement is:

“To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

I know Google is a massive company, but this mission statement is clear and direct about what Google is trying to achieve — they are operating on a global level, and they are interested in information.

And here is Patagonia:

“Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.”

Patagonia make it very clear that they have two intentions that are intertwined — Build great product, Be pioneers of environmentalism.

These missions statements clearly reflect the missions of these two companies. The statements are well-defined to a point where building a brand around them becomes much simpler.

So, spend time on this. Once you have cracked your mission, you can start to think about how to use your brand assets to communicate your mission, and thereby create your brand.

Collect together all your brand assets

Product Hunt Artboard from our recent launch on Pilcro Artboard

Get together all your logos, colours, fonts, marketing copy, email signatures, videos etc in one place.

Everything matters — collect the copy on your website, the bios on your social media accounts, The fonts your employees use in their emails.

Even for small companies, this is a massive task. But this is a vital step because you need to audit every asset individually but also together as a whole in order to get your brand image perfect.

Ensure your brand assets are communicating your mission

Now is the really interesting bit.

Go through each one of your brand assets and make sure they each clearly communicate your mission. If your company is all about making things easier for people, don’t use complex serif fonts. If your company is all about music gigs, maybe your brand could be based on a dark background that represent the nighttime nature of gigs.

Let’s dive into Google’s brand and mission as an example.


Google Logo in 2018


Roboto Font

We can see here how Google uses its brand assets to reinforce the mission statement. Their logo uses simple colours to communicate its universality. Their default font — Roboto — is sans-serif and accessible to read on any device.

When you get this right, your brand becomes a visual representation of your mission.

At this point, you brand and your mission are aligned. Your brand will resonate with your market, and it will feel authentic. It’s not easy but …

Help is at hand

Constructing your mission statement is fun. Tweaking your brand assets to communicate your mission is very interesting. But collecting together your brand assets into a manageable brand artboard is a tough task.

And many brand asset management softwares are very expensive.

But Pilcro offers it for free. With Pilcro you can create, manage and share your brand Artboards. all you need is a Google Account. It is super simple to use and to get your team set up with.

Here is a picture of Pilcro’s brand assets in a Pilcro Artboard.


Pilcro offers free brand management software for G-Suite. You can check it out here.

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