What Pilcro can do for you
Installs in minutes

Pilcro is a software add-on that you can download and start using straight away via your google account.

Protects your data

Everything you upload to Pilcro is secure and private – using Google’s own security system.

Can be accessed anywhere

Access your assets from any computer, anywhere in the world.

Is easy for beginners and pros alike

Pilcro is super easy to use. But our tips will guide you through the more complex functionalities, if you’d like a more in-depth experience.

Works with all different file types

Access your assets from any computer, anywhere in the world.

Multiple Artboards – set one up for as many brands as you like
Shareable Artboards – anyone with a Google account can share your work
Store logos
Store links
Store colours
Store fonts
Store snippets of copy
Displays tips – show your team which logos to use when
Click-to-copy – click on an asset, paste it into your document
Re-size images
Upload images from Google Drive
Convert colours (hex, cmyk, hsl,rgb)
Pantone support
EPS and SVG support
Colour Picker
Smart link to Font Foundry
Tiered permissions (write/read)
Open & create Artboards from Google Drive

“Does anyone have our latest logo?”

Pilcro means the end of asset hunting. After a set up that takes only a couple of minutes, everyone in your company will find your branding assets in Pilcro.
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